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How to Lose Weight: Fitness Model Reveals Two-Week Plan


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5 Best Foods For A Tuberculosis Patient


The researchers found that the substance may inhibit the biosynthesis of the mycomembrane and kills mycobacteria effectively. The symptoms of Tuberculosis include weight loss, weakness and shortness o...


6 Fermented Foods For Weight Loss: Kimchi, Pickles, Tempeh, Sauerkraut, And More


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I Made 6 Tweaks to My Keto Diet For Maximum Success — Here’s How You Can Do the Same


With this newfound ability to relax while staying on the high-fat, low-carb diet, I began to flourish. It took about two weeks of getting used to eating more fat instead of carbs to truly feel the dif...


Fruit juices can trigger weight gain? Experts say healthy drinks can have adverse effects


She revealed that juices may help in quick weight loss, but it will not be beneficial in a long run. “While we could all benefit from greater consumption of fruits and vegetables, juicing is not a hea...


What I Learnt From My 3 Day Vegan Reset—An Honest Review


Smarty pants in white lab coats have done a tonne of research in this area, and as it turns out, science is a huge supporter of the vegan diet. Such benefits are said to include; clearer skin, weight ...


Fad Diets or Lifestyle Changes — Where Do Three Popular Weight-Reduction Plans Fit In?


With so much emphasis put on weight and healthy living, many people turn to “quick-fix” or fad diets that promise rapid weight loss and a new waistline in a short amount … Similar to Whole30, the pale...


The Best Diets In The World Are The DASH And Mediterranean Diets


Every year info service US News gathers a panel of experts – including dietitians, academics and doctors – to rank and review the best diets in the world, and for the eighth year in a row the DASH Die...


Shopper slams brand for promoting ‘shocking’ ready meal name – do YOU agree with her?


Protein Haus’ 210kcal meal consists of lean mince and vegetables. But it wasn’t the contents that caught Amy’s attention, as she slammed the decision to name the item the “Thigh Gap”. This term is use...


Adding more plant-based foods to your diet in 2017


Numerous studies have shown that plant-based diets can be especially beneficial for those with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, … … (continue) See more: Health weight loss ...


Weightloss diet plans for New Year


Many Americans set weight loss and diet-related resolutions and goals pursue in the New Year. While some successfully manages to achieve their … … (continue) See more: Health weight loss ...


Vegan Celebrity Kevin Smith Loves Veggie Grill So Much He Asked Them to Open in New Jersey


The following month, the “Clerks” (1994) creator revealed that he had lost weight by following illusionist and comedian Penn Jillette’s vegan diet, … … (continue) See more: Health weight loss ...